Over 65 years Making Quality Artisan Cheese Products

Cheddar CheeseThe Herkimer Cheese tradition has its roots in the rich soil of New York’s Herkimer County, where conditions are ideal for dairy farming. By the 1850s, the area became a major center of cheese production because the milk produced there was so wholesome and plentiful. Soon Herkimer County cheddar was known the world over for its exceptional flavor and quality.

Herkimer Cheese – originally Herkimer County Cheese Company – was founded in 1949 by Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Basloe. Since that time, the Basloes and their three sons have earned a national reputation for their finely-crafted artisan cheeses, carrying the proud Herkimer County tradition forward into the 21st Century.


4 comments on “Over 65 years Making Quality Artisan Cheese Products

  1. hannanh says:

    my teacher is laurie basloe she is my 5 th grade teacher this year and we had some pumpkin cheese it was so good lol

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  2. Nancy Shea says:

    I bet Ms. Basloe is a wonderful teacher. The Freedmans brought some of the Pretzel Dip Cheese to our house in Boston for Thanksgiving and we all thought it was the most delicious thing ever ! I could really taste the freshness of the cheese. All generations loved it from the youngest to the oldest – hopefully it will become a Thanksgiving tradition! I would actually like it year round – perfect for watching the big game in front of the TV.
    Nancy and all of the Sheas


  3. jerry glynn says:

    I have been aware (by eating) your cheese since 1963 in nyc and my wife from before then. We just had some of your cheese tonight and I commented that the taste seems the same as I made a panini with a brick on top in a pan with thin slices of Barese sausages and some red peppers we smoked yesterday . Perfect.

    We spend about three months a year in Europe and love the food in Spain and France and Italy. Your cheeses matches up well with their best.

    Keep up the good work


  4. Ron Rohlfing says:

    I used to purchase you product at Kroger in the Cincinnati, OH area and I am having trouble finding it now – any word on who carries your product in this area?


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