Simple Appetizers for Stress-Free Entertaining (Easter Edition)

Simplicity is the key to stress-free entertaining. We love appetizers that can be put together in minutes and with minimal effort (and dirty dishes!).


Fruit & Cheese Kebabs

Fruit & Cheese Kebabs are super easy to make, and can be personalized based on what you like. Just take any fruit and alternate with cubes of cheese. We love the combination of strawberries, cheddar, and grapes. Kebabs would also be great with cheddar and apple cubes, or melon and Chutter alternated with prosciutto and mint.  Healthy, kid-approved, and easy to serve and eat – no utensils required!

We’ve all been at the Easter get-together when there are a few hours before the meal is ready to be served but the family is hungry and starts eyeballing the kitchen. It’s too early to serve the Bunny Cake… how about a “Carrot” Cheese Ball?  Made from one of our classic Herkimer® Cheese Balls (available in 8 flavors: Sharp, Port Wine, Garlic & Herb, Blue Cheese, Merlot, Smoked Gouda w/ Sundried Tomatoes, Bruschetta, or Buffalo Blue), this Easter-themed hors d’oeuvre will be a crowd favorite.

Easter Carrot Cheese Ball-01

The simplest of all appetizers is a charcuterie or cheese tray.  Don’t be daunted by the big name; charcuterie is just a mix of cheese and meat, with accents of savory and sweet. With so many Herkimer® cheeses to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect cheese for your charcuterie tray. The best part of a charcuterie board is that you just set out all of the components and the guests help themselves!OHC chartcuterie 2

What’s your favorite simple go-to appetizer? Let us know in the comments or post on our social media! We would love to hear your best ideas!

Until next time, happy snacking!